Chiropractic Benefits for Athletes: Soccer Edition

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Many athletes find Chiropractic care to be beneficial in improving their performance. And for good reason. Chiropractic adjustments not only keep your body moving correctly, they also help restore and improve the brain’s ability to communicate with the rest of the body. When the spine gets misaligned and creates a vertebral subluxation, it does two things:

1. It locks up that joint in your spine and can result in tightness and decreased flexibility in the spine.

2. It inhibits the brain from effectively sending signals to the rest of the body.

It only makes sense that when you release that vertebral subluxation, you allow the spine to move more freely without inhibition. The tension and tightness that was hindering your body prior to treatment will be released; thereby improving the body’s flexibility.

Chiropractic Improves Kicking Speed Performance in Soccer Players

Picture it this way. When you are trying to water the garden and your hose has a kink in it… how fast is that water running out to the sprinkler? Because of the kink, there is not enough water pressure to effectively get the water to its final destination. Although a trickle may still get through, the pressure reduction because of the pinched hose still results in a less effective shower for your morning glories. So, what is your solution to this dilemma? Unkink the hose.

The same concept applies to the human body. When our vertebrae are putting pressure on the nerves in our body, it is exactly like that kinked hose we were just discussing. How effectively is that signal from the brain being sent to the body? What can we possibly do to fix that? All you need to do is receive a Chiropractic adjustment, release the pressure caused by the misaligned vertebrae and allow your body to function optimally – just like removing the kink from the garden hose!

This is why many athletes are under Chiropractic care. It improves the way the body functions and when you are competing, you want your body at its optimal level. In a recent article published in the Journal of Chiropractic and Manual Therapies, the findings of a study done on soccer players was discussed. The players had been monitored to analyze if Chiropractic adjustments had any impact on their kicking speeds and performance. Results were promising and it was noted that the combination of Sacroiliac Joint adjustments and Lumbar spine adjustments saw an improved performance in kicking speeds.

Remember, you don’t need to be an athlete to take advantage of the great benefits that Chiropractic care offers. Learn more about Chiropractic by checking out our website or read our tips on finding a great chiropractor.


1. Deutschmann, K. C., Jones, A. D., & Korporaal, C. M. (2015). A non-randomised experimental feasibility study into the immediate effect of three different spinal manipulative protocols on kicking speed performance in soccer players. Chiropractic & Manual Therapies, 23, 1.

5 Things to Look For in a Wellness Chiropractor


Choosing a Health Care professional is an incredibly personal decision, and there are many things to consider. If you are ready to start chiropractic care, but are unsure if the chiropractor you have found is right for you and your family, this list is for you. Here are the top 5 things to consider when searching for your dream Wellness Chiropractor!

1. Full Assessment

When the chiropractor you choose does their initial assessment, you should not be expecting to get an adjustment on the same day as your initial visit. If your chiropractor took X-rays or did any other tests such as a full computerized thermal scan, they will need time to mark your X-rays, analyze your case and develop a suitable treatment plan for you. For a wellness chiropractor, the goal is always to find and treat the underlying causes, not just the symptoms you experience as a result.

2. Patient Education

The Latin translation of Doctor is “to teach,” and your Chiropractic Doctor should be educating you on chiropractic care and your health. From explaining their approach, philosophy, and methods, to answering any of your questions in regards to your case; your Chiropractor should be your guide to wellness, teaching you how they can help you achieve and maintain all of your health goals.

3. Lifestyle Approach

Your chiropractor should discuss a lifestyle approach to care, often involving: stretches to build up the muscles supporting your spine, supplements and basic nutritional changes you can make to improve your health, and educating you on the importance of implementing a wellness treatment plan that will optimize your spinal health. A great wellness chiropractor will always discuss anything pertinent to your care that will help you improve your lifestyle and longevity throughout your lifetime.

4. Family Care

A wellness chiropractor should be open to providing care for your entire family, from infants to the elderly, and should encourage you to share the wellness philosophy with your loved ones. Wellness is something that should be enjoyed by everyone from the day they are born, and throughout their lives.

5. Trust

When it comes to putting your health in someone’s hands, the most important deciding factor is simple: trust. Do you trust this person with your care? Can you work with them to improve your lifestyle? Do you understand their philosophy and is it something you would like to bring into your own life? Did you connect with the Doctor you met? If you answered no to most of these questions, then this practitioner may not be for you, and that is ok. Consider the points listed above and use them as a guide to help find the chiropractor that you need.


Chiropractic care is a great preventative medicine. You do not necessarily need to be hurting to benefit from Wellness Care. Regular appointments help prevent illness, alleviate stress and optimize the immune system. To find a chiropractor that is right for you, check out The Canadian Chiropractic Associations Find a Chiro App or use Google to find a reputable chiropractor close to home.

Vertebral Subluxation Complex – What Is It?

Doctors of Chiropractic are the only health care professionals with the expertise and knowledge to detect and correct Vertebral Subluxation Complex.

night skyline, sunset and power lines
Your nerves are the power lines to your body.

Chiropractors go to school for years to learn and understand the art of identifying where vertebral subluxations exist. Running up and down the spinal cord between each individual vertebrae are spinal nerves. They weave through the spaces between each vertebrae, forming a cable of sorts that connects the brain to various parts of the body.

To simplify, a subluxation is when one or more bones of your spine move out of their normal position and irritate the spinal nerves by putting pressure on them. Any pressure or irritation on these nerves can inhibit or disrupt the signals traveling from the brain, down the spine and out the nerves. Think of your nerves like the fuse box in your house. If you were to go to the breaker circuit and switch off the kitchen breaker, you would stop the electricity from exiting the breaker and flowing to the area of your house it was connected to. In this scenario, the electricity represents the nerve flow and the kitchen is your body. This misalignment represents the subluxation.


There are five components that a Doctor looks for when attempting to detect a subluxation. They are:

  1. Spinal Kinesiopathology (the osseous component):

    This means that the bones are out of alignment from their normal position. This can lead to mobility restrictions.

  1. Neuropathophysiology (the nerve component):

    Due to the pressure put on the nerve from the vertebral subluxation, the communication system between the brain and the rest of the body is disrupted. This can lead to pain or symptoms.

  1. Myopathology (The muscle component):

    The surrounding muscle tissue becomes weak or tight can begin to atrophy or can even go into spasms.  This can result in scar tissue forming in the muscle fibers and affect muscular tone.

  1. Histopathology (The chemical component):

    This is where inflammation can set in and results in elevated temperature.

  1. Pathophysiology (the soft tissue component):

    Pressure on the nerves can lead to changes in the surrounding soft tissues. This can affect the tendons, ligaments and other tissues; it can occur near the irritation or anywhere along the path of the nerve. This can lead to spinal decay, scar tissue or long term damage and dysfunction.


There are many causes of vertebral subluxations: car accidents, improper lifting, alcohol, smoking, emotional stress, etc. The primary job of any Chiropractor is to detect and correct these areas of dysfunction through Chiropractic adjustments and restore the potential of the nervous system to its optimal levels.

Chiropractic Care and Children

Most problems I see in adults start in childhood. Which is why I always share with parents how important it is to place special attention on getting young children checked by a chiropractor. Whenever a new patient comes to our office and sees an infant or young child getting treated, the initial comment is always the same. “I didn’t know you could treat children!”

If you think about it, the spine is subject to stress and strain from the very moment we are born. Considering the amount of pressure on babies during labor, and the pull on the infant’s head and neck during a normal, uncomplicated delivery… it should come as no surprise that childbirth itself is the first shock the spine and nervous system will receive.

Families with Children
Chiropractic care can benefit the whole family, children included!

As parents, we are told to use caution when holding a baby. That’s because the child’s neck is very weak. After all, a newborn’s neck muscles at birth are not developed enough to support the weight of their own head. When it comes to chiropractic care for infants, this actually makes adjusting them easier. Since their muscles have not developed enough to resist the correction, not much pressure is needed to receive a spinal correction! Chiropractors can adjust a baby simply by applying gentle pressure to the child’s spine with their fingertips. Since this light pressure is all that is needed to correct the spine’s alignment in your baby, adjusting young children is extremely gentle.


“Because most problems I see in adults start in childhood, special attention should be placed on children and infants when it comes to chiropractic care.”


As your child grows, they progress from crawling to running. With this growth comes trips, slips and falls as they try new things. Over time, these incidents can create Vertebral Subluxations; which can only be felt 10% of the time. Because of the elasticity of youth, your child will often bounce back from these tumbles with no apparent symptoms. But there is always the question, “Was any harm done? Was a subluxation formed?” As a parent, it is difficult to know. Especially in cases like these where the issue is something you can’t always see.

Chiropractor’s place a considerable emphasis on structural and neurological balance. When it comes to our children, it is important to prevent an imbalance that may result from seemingly harmless childhood incidents. Untreated childhood accidents can compound over time and lead to early spinal degradation. Along with preventing compound issues, clinical evidence shows that chiropractic care can help fight common disorders and illness in children. Colds, constipation, enuresis (bed wetting), growing pains, asthma, headaches, and other conditions can be relieved through chiropractic care.

Remember, “As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.” Some conditions that can be easily be corrected (or prevented) with chiropractic care are often neglected. These conditions, if not corrected, can grow with your child throughout their lifetime. Proper spinal care is essential to your child’s health. Don’t neglect to bring your child in for a spinal checkup.

Proper spinal care is essential to your child’s health. Don’t neglect to bring your child in for a spinal checkup. Ready to get your children in for care? Check out our tips to find a Chiropractor that is right for your entire family.


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