My visit to the Chiropractor – Dr. Aly ShariffI never suffered back trouble and never understood what people who did, went through. I nodded sympathetically at others when they complained, but never thought much about it. However, all that was to change.On December 23rd, I was in town shopping. When I came home, I was sitting having a cup of tea and I felt that my back was quite sore. By that evening, it is safe to say I was in agony. I didn’t know what had happened. I wasn’t carrying any heavy bags or doing anything too strenuous. I went to bed that night and had a terrible night’s sleep.At 8:30am on December 24th (Christmas Eve), the doorbell rang. I couldn’t get out of bed to answer it. I was bent over double trying to walk. My husband suggested a visit to the chiropractor. I knew that there was a clinic in the Omni Centre nearby, so I thought I’d try to luck by giving them a call. I really didn’t expect anyone to be there with it being Christmas Eve. Dr. Aly took my call and I explained my predicament. He said that he was on call that day and would contact me within an hour if he was going into the office. Sure enough, he did and I agreed to an appointment at 4pm that day.I went to see Dr. Aly, and he explained the beliefs of chiropractic medicine. At that stage, I didn’t care what it all meant, I just wanted to be able to walk normally!!!One of the things that Dr. Aly told me was that the pain would probably get worse before it got better. That did nothing to cheer me up!The next day (Christmas Day), I was in complete agony. The pain was worse, but, because Dr. Aly had told me that it probably would get worse, I didn’t worry, and thought to myself, “Well, it can only get better.” And it did. On St. Stephen’s Day, I felt better again and gradually the pain ceased.I was always rushing around and never gave myself a minute. I have now, on Dr. Aly’s advice, attended my chiropractic sessions and made time for myself. My visits have taught me to make time for myself and took look after myself – something I probably didn’t do enough of.Another big difference is that I no longer suffer from migraines. I would usually have one or two migraines a month, but since December, I haven’t had any and I am convinced that this is down to chiropractic.I am really sorry that Dr. Aly is moving on, and I will definitely miss his advice and his great humour.

Dierdre Cornwall

Dear Reader:My name is David Caldwell. I have been receiving chiropractic services since 1961. My secular work often entailed a lot of strain on my muscles and back. Many times to the point of hurting myself. Chiropractic treatments have kept me able to perform my chosen work.In recent years, Dr. Aly has been my chiropractor. I have been feeling my age of 69+ years, particularly in my hips and upper back. Dr. Aly’s treatments and advice have eased the pain. I have been able to carry out my assignments as the maintenance man in a 40 unit complex solely due to regular chiropractic care from Dr. Aly.I was taking acetaminophen for minor aches and pains, as well as a relaxant before I went to sleep. Pain in my joints, particularly the knees and hips, were worsening as the months went by. Dr. Aly had a seminar that documented the affects of such regular and increasing doses of the drug acetaminophen. I stopped regular usage of it and in a week or two my joint pains reduced dramatically.I can honestly testify that my quality of life has improved to “comfortable.”Thank you, Dr. Aly.Yours sincerely,David Caldwell

David Caldwell

Eight years ago I was diagnosed with Polymyalgia Rheumatic by a medical doctor, and later by a specialist and psoriatic, spondylitic arthritis. Basically, a lot of pain in the joints and muscles.Medications worked well to cover the pains and release them, but after a year showed side effects and no healing. I worked harder on my spiritual and soul matters and looked for guidance in alternative healing.Combining certain foods and eliminating others got me off of medication. Naturopathy medicine and supplements kept me quite well for a few years. Then the disease came back. With more adjustments in eating and lifestyle, refining all the things I had already learned. A year of Homeopathic remedies have brought me closer to wellness.I felt that there was something missing in my healing process. As my joints and mobility became better and not so painful, I had the feeling that a chiropractor could help and I was not disappointed. In a few short treatments, my body was realigned and more pains were gone.As I continue with this, and the other holistic treatments, my body, my mind and soul are harmonizing and after eight years of suffering and pain, at 58 years of age, I start a new life.

Happy Patient

My first recollection of chiropractic was about 10 years ago back home in New Zealand. From what I remember, I wasn’t overly impressed with it! The word bone crusher comes to mind. Since I started travelling about 2 years ago, I have had problems on and off with my back (probably sleeping on one too many sofas!) I decided to treat myself to a massage one day and was told maybe I should see a chiropractor. I went to the Back to Health clinic and I must say I was very impressed with what I found.I was told exactly what was going on with my back. They explained the treatment to me, but what really surprised me was the interest in my whole well being. For example, stress, diet, nutrition, etc. These things I had never even thought about and I wouldn’t have thought a chiropractor would have been interested either. I have had several treatments now and I’m starting to feel the changes. I was never promised things would change over night – because they don’t.But, I look at myself differently now. Like my posture, I am very conscious of this and I’m always reminding myself to stand up straight, walk tall, that I find I’m actually doing it now without telling myself.I would definitely say my attitude has changed towards chiropractic care. I would like to thank Aly and Phil and everyone else at the Back to Health clinic.

Erin McKenzie

I first heard of “Back to Health” and Dr. Aly through word of mouth. At the time, I was suffering from blinding headaches and alternating bowels of diarrhea and constipation. I had tried many conventional methods, and even got special tinted glasses to ease the headaches, but all to no avail. Then, a friend of my suggested chiropractic therapy, as she thought that maybe my symptoms were stress related, as she had found her stress levels had lowered since starting her treatment with Dr. Aly. I made an appointment immediately, as I felt I had nothing to lose.On my first visit, Dr. Aly thoroughly explained chiropractic treatment to me. He also explained that my symptoms were more likely than not brought on through stress, as this is one of the main causes of discomfort to the body.At first, Dr. Aly saw me twice a week. I noticed a difference even after the first session. My headaches were not as severe. As the treatment went on, he saw me less and less, but I continued to improve immensely. I now attend for maintenance only. I’m so glad it was Dr. Aly who turned out to be my doctor. Not only do I think he is a great chiropractor, but he also explained my treatment in detail to me, so I knew what to expect. He asked me if I had any questions at different stages throughout, and was totally professional at all times.Unfortunately for all his patients, he is leaving the practice soon. So, although I would like to recommend his services to my friends, I can’t, but I will still recommend the clinic as I can see at first hand the difference good chiropractic care can make.

Loretta O'Rourke

Dear Aly,Just a few lines to say how satisfied I am with your chiropractic treatment of my various problems.I visited you for the first time in February of this year suffering with hip, back, groin, knee and neck problems. My back went into spasms and locked, and I could hardly move. I was incapacitated for weeks afterwards.Your gentle chiropractic manipulations have brought me back to full health over the last few months. I had my final appointment with you yesterday and I was in very good shape.You have explained the importance of maintenance and I will try to have a regular check up every month to ensure good chiropractic health.The other very healing fact of your treatment is the fact that you have a relaxed, calm personality and that you are a very good listener.This comes to you with every good wish for your future health, happiness and success.

Deirdre Docherty

Dear Dr. Aly,I want to thank you for the professional and caring way you have treated me since my first appointment for chiropractic treatment on February 26th, 2001.On the morning of February 26th, I had had a reflexology treatment for my back and neck, but the pain persisted to such an extent that my reflexologist suggested I had to go to a chiropractor.In desperation, I looked through the Yellow Pages and spotted “Back to Health” in the Omni – which is very near to where I reside. If you remember, you were the person who answered the telephone, gave me your name and the appointment for the same day.”First impressions are lasting!” They either MAKE or BREAK.I was accompanied by Sr. Brega, my reflexologist. We were both impressed with the introductory talk you gave – the very definite regime involved and best of all, the encouragement that the “whole” person would be treated – mental, physical and emotional.Being a nurse myself, I know how important it is to be told the procedures and that is exactly what you did. It gave me great confidence in you and the treatment I was to receive.Every treatment has brought me through to this state of well-being. Now after eight treatments, I can honestly say that I have benefited from your holistic treatment, and your ever gracious manner of making your clients feel that confidence you inspire in them.I am sorry to see you go, but I am fortunate you were the chiropractor who has got me on the way to full recovery.Lastly, I want to assure you of my prayer that you will continue to be God’s instrument of healing, and you and your family may enjoy good health and happiness always.Yours sincerely,Sr. Andrea de Souza, a very grateful client!

Sr. Andrea de Souza

At the start of last year (2000), I took up a new position driving a company van. A couple of months into the job and I began feeling an irritation at the back of my neck. It was very uncomfortable but I put it down to the amount of driving I was doing.Last Christmas, I hurt my back whilst trying to move a radiator. I crawled straight into bed and stayed there for the following three days. I tried the hot and cold treatment during this time, each day telling myself I would get better the next day. But I didn’t, so I finally decided to do something about it and I made an appointment with Dr. Aly.From the very first session, Dr. Aly made it clear just how important your back is. He explained the difference and importance of when you cause damage to your back, to when you feel the pain and eventually nursing it back to health. After the first session, I knew my back still needed a lot of work, but the neck pains I had from driving had gone, and I was delighted with that. The funny this is, I would probably still be complaining about my neck pain if I hadn’t have hurt my back and subsequently visited Dr. Aly.A few weeks and a few sessions later, and my back is nearly back to full strength. Although, whether it was at full strength before I don’t know, but what I do know is I intend on keeping it this way now.Yours sincerely,Gary Moore

Gary Moore

During the month of December, I was experiencing severe pain in my back. In late December, I visited the Back to Health Clinic where I met with Dr. Aly.Having listened carefully to my complaints, Dr. Aly slowly and carefully began a series of treatments which by now have me feeling much better.What I particularly liked was that Dr. Aly did not merely treat the symptoms, but began a process which allowed me to see my health in terms of overall mental and physical health. He stress the word “balance,” and carefully discussed all aspects of my life, work, sport, leisure, family. We dealt with areas of stress and I began to realize how important it was to look at health from a perspective of overall balance.One aspect of Dr. Aly’s approach that particularly appealed to me was his ability to remember certain details from my previous visit, and ask me about them.I never felt rushed whilst being treated, and was totally relaxed in the knowledge that Dr. Aly was working systematically and diligently to improve my health.If asked, I would have no difficulty in recommending Dr. Aly to somebody who is having difficulty with neck pain and I know they would receive the best of attention.Yours sincerely,Bev D

Bev D

I can hardly begin to express my gratitude for your assistance through the past 6 months. There have been vast improvements in my health and consequently, my life. When I first came to see you, I had pain in my lower back that I could no longer deal with. I am not going to lie to you, I was skeptical at first. I did not believe that chiropractors would be helpful to me, especially over the long term. It was a last resort for me and I thought “Well, why not?” I had been to several doctors for the pain and all I received was help in the form of medication; Not what I was looking for.During my first visit with you, I thought that this might actually be the answer I was looking for. I decided to follow through with my treatment. Best decision of my life! I can now make it though several days without any back pain rather than several hours. I can now go for the long walks I enjoy without having to cut them short due to the pain in my back. Standing up for long periods of time was a problem for me and now I can spend all day at work on my feet without any trouble. Sleeping and making it through the night has also been an added bonus from my treatment. I no longer wake up or lie awake at night because of my backaches. My headaches have also disappeared.The treatments and adjustments you have provided me have improved my life greatly and for that I sincerely thank you. Thanks!- Tammy Becker

Tammy Becker

Hello, my name is R. Page. I am a client of In Great Hands Chiropractic & Wellness Centre. I have been a client since June of 2005. The day I met Dr. Aly Shariff was a good day. However, I didn’t know that at the time. You see, I saw him at the Five Points Mall with the funny looking machine. The first thing I noticed was that he was a handsome man. I was curious about what he was doing. So I inquired. Needless to say the rest is history. What made me become a client was his knowledge about the Chiropractic field. I explained that I have seen many Chiropractors before and they only work on the back and neck. I do have trouble in those areas, but the most painful part of my body were my knees. He assured me that he was skilled in working on the knees. I was hooked.I must say that since I have been coming, my life has changed. I have the incentive to exercise and to lose weight because I feel so much better. My overall heath has changed.Thank you Aly for living up to your motto “Achieve your body’s optimum potential”.- R. Page

R. Page

Dear Dr. Shariff,First of all I would like to congratulate you on the success of your practice.What initially brought me to see you was a promotion which was being offered by GoodLife Fitness when I first got my membership. That promotion was for a “Free Spinal Scan”. Although I was quite skeptical of Chiropractic, I decided to make an appointment.My first appointment with you was one that is hard to forget. It was long before your office was built, so it took place in a converted tanning room. Even though I had my own views on your profession, I listened to what you had to say. You were able to explain to me what Chiropractic was all about and helped me to understand how it would benefit me. From that, I decided to proceed with the treatments.It has been approximately nine months since my first visit and I cannot thank you more. I no longer have pain in my lower back and in my shoulders. Instead of being skeptical of your profession, I sing its praises. Thank you for all that you have done for me. Also, thank you for putting up with my last minute cancellations.Once again, congratulations, and I wish you all of the best for the future.Sincerely,- Stephanie MacDonald

Stephanie MacDonald

I became a patient of Dr. Shariff in the fall of 2004 hoping to find some relief of my lower back and neck pain from which I had been suffering for over 4 years. Growing up as a child, I always had problems with posture, which led to lower back pain in my late teens. The pain had intensified in the past 2 years and I was beginning to experience an increasing discomfort in my neck, and an overall decrease in my ability to function normally. In short, waking up each day was accompanied with the fact that I had slowly begun to lose my enjoyment of life and without some sort of help, the pain would not go away.Being only 22, life still had many wonders to offer and I began attending treatment 3 times a week in an effort to regain control of my body and in turn, my enjoyment of the future. The benefits of chiropractic care were evident within a couple of months. My lower back pain was no longer occupying my thoughts throughout the day, and for the first time in many years, I was able to lie down on my back without feeling any pain.While the treatments were able to relieve me of back pain for extended periods of time, my neck pain continued to cause discomfort. The neck pain was evident in the morning and intensifier throughout the day. Dr. Shariff suggested that I try the Novaform contour pillow, that was available through his office. At first I was skeptical about whether a pillow would be able to decrease the neck pain and I continued to rely on chiropractic treatment to aid in diminishing the discomfort. Although the pain was relieved upon receiving a chiropractic adjustment, I continued to wake up in the mornings with a re-emergence of the pain. I decided to invest in the contour pillow and the benefits were immediately noticed from the very first night I used it. I now wake up relaxed and without any discomfort.Prior to becoming a chiropractic patient, I lived each day hoping that the following day will be better but now I wake up knowing that I can be in control of how I feel each day and I will always be grateful for being given that ability.Thank you Dr. Shariff- Ildiko Kiss

Ildiko Kiss

My name is Rob Leveille, and I’ve been a patient at In Great Hands Chiropractic and Wellness since February of 2005. I am writing this testimonial to tell the story of my health issues, and the recovery that I have enjoyed since February. The story starts about seven years ago when, for an unknown reason, I started to feel physically unwell. The pain began in my jaw and was accompanied by severe tension in the jaw muscles, so badly that it moved up to my temples and gave me intense headaches. This carried on intermittently for a few weeks. After some time, the problem wasn’t going away and it was affecting my job, my social life, and everything in between. I finally broke down and went to see a medical doctor. After some tests, X-rays, an MRI and a lot of questions, the doctors had no answers for me and I was prescribed some medication to help treat the symptoms.The problems I was experiencing did not go away – in fact, they worsened. The tension and the pain began to move down into my neck, making life even more difficult. After searching for more answers on the medical route, I finally found a doctor who recommended chiropractic. I began treatments at a chiropractor that was local to my place of employment and I began to notice some improvements. Over time, my health improved to the point where I could work a full day and enjoy a social life again, but things were not the same as before.I tired easily, I suffered with constant mild pain, and I was using medication every day. Eventually I came to a point where I could manage the pain, but I was still nagged by occasional muscle spasms. After living this way for quite a few years and feeling frustrated that I couldn’t live like most other people, I began to search for other answers. I made friends with a chiropractor from the West Coast while on vacation and we talked about my health problems. It was recommended that I try a different form of chiropractic, a more direct style that could address my problems the way that was needed. Being a member of Good Life, my first instinct was Dr. Aly Shariff at In Great Hands.After my initial examination and consultation, Dr. Shariff put together an intensive program to get my health back on the right track. The program included both chiropractic and massage therapy. After two months, I was feeling well enough that I felt I didn’t need my prescription medication anymore. After only three and a half months of treatment, on June 9th, I was done taking prescription medication and I’ve felt the best that I’ve felt in seven years! I was so amazed by my recovery! I feel so much better, life is good again.Words cannot describe how happy I am that I have made such an incredible improvement to my health. I would like to give great thanks to Dr. Aly Shariff, Laura Heaslip, and to the rest of the staff at In Great Hands. I truly believe that there is no substitute for good health and good quality of life, and your efforts have helped me achieve that.Thank you very much.Sincerely,- Rob Leveille

Rob Leveille

Hi, I’m April, a 24 year old mother.Almost my whole life, I’ve had headaches. Normal headaches, migraines and also migraine ora. The headaches would get so bad that I’d take an Advil and go to sleep. I couldn’t handle them. Sometimes I would get blurred vision. I was at the mall one time with my parents. We sat down to eat at the food court and I could only see half of everything. Now that’s not a good thing when I still have to drive home! I sat there for about half an hour then my father finally drove me home. I mean, what could I do? You can’t drive if you can’t see!Seven months ago I had a baby boy. I went through some pain during the last 5 months and through delivery. I kept having pain down my legs and my lower back ached almost constantly. During delivery I couldn’t get comfortable. My leg felt like it was on fire and the pain shooting in my lower back was outrageous.When I went to Rib Fest this year, I saw the sign for a free spinal scan, I thought, “Oh, why not try it just for fun?” So I did, and the results were crazy. The black lines I had at 24 years of age wasn’t right. I thought how can I be in such bad shape. “Many nerves cause many problems”. You’d be surprised at what can cause you pain. I went and talked to Dr. Shariff to see what he could do to fix my pain. He talked with me and together we came up with a plan.I started out going to him for chiropractor work three times a week for four weeks. Then I had a rescan and the improvement was amazing. The black lines were gone. Some lines switched sides and some colors changed. I am now down to twice a week for seven weeks. In a couple of weeks I will have a rescan and be down to once a week. I can’t wait to see the results from the rescan.How do I feel you may ask? Wonderful. The headaches are gone. I’ve had one headache since I’ve started and the pain was livable. I took an Advil and carried on with my day. The pain in my back and legs are gone. I’m practically pain free. Dr. Shariff knows what he’s talking about. When I first heard of people going to chiropractor and being helped with back pain, I though yeah right. How can a doctor push a little and solve my pain or anyone’s pain? Trust me it works!! Chiropractors are much better than doctors; they actually cure the pain not just temporarily relieve it. Try it out for yourself and you be the judge of the results.- April Burwood

April Burwood

My name is Ted and I’m a quadriplegic. I have been in a wheelchair for 35 years, as a result of a broken neck from a car accident.I have been taking antibiotics steadily for over 10 years, which has made me resistant to many of them. We can’t seem to clear up my urinary infections. I am also in constant back pain, and have breathing problems, due to being paralyzed from my upper chest downward. Plus, I have emphysema, as a result of smoking 25 years ago.My wife and I stopped at a booth in the mall out of curiosity to have our backs scanned. As my wife has had to do all the lifting and other things to keep us both active, she also has back issues. We didn’t think that, after all this time, something like chiropractic would help, but we were open to the possibility.After talking to Dr. Aly Shariff and explaining our concerns, we decided it was worth a try. After the first session, my breathing felt a little better. Assuming it might just be wishful thinking, we continued our visits, and there was definitely a difference in my breathing. That wasn’t the only surprise. We have been trying to get off antibiotics for years by seeing how long we can go between refills. It would last anywhere from 2 to 3 days, up to 10 to 14 days at most. The last time I took my medication was August of 2005 and it is now the end of February 2006, and I haven’t had to take it since.The only changes we have made are keeping our appointments, and adding more Vitamin C to our diets. My back is feeling better, not as much pain, and I am told I am sitting up straighter. My wife can now ride in the van without any back pain, which was constant pain before we began treatments.Thanks to Dr. Shariff caring enough, listening to our concerns, and willing to work on our problems, we are both unbelievably happy with our results.- Ted & Marjorie Inman

Ted & Marjorie Inman

Anything is possible with chiropractic!”99% chance I cannot get pregnant because of my health problems.” That is what I was told by specialists. I had chronic back and neck pain and my arm was numb from my shoulder down to my fingers.I had regular adjustments for a couple of months with Dr. Shariff which made work easier, the gym easier, and yup, I became pregnant.I continued Chiropractic treatment through my pregnancy and I was more comfortable because I stayed adjusted. Dr. Shariff also offered great advice on how to stay healthy during my pregnancy.I had a very normal and easy pregnancy. My labour was short, two hours of hard labour, which is unusual for first time moms. I have a gorgeous healthy baby boy, thanks to all of Dr. Shariff’s help.


When I met Dr. Shariff for the first time, it was in the Oshawa Town Centre, on a very cold Sunday in January. My right shoulder was very sore and I could not lift it up higher than my waist. I had never been to a Chiropractor before and I was very suspicious. He had a special offer for a free consultation and an X-Ray so I thought I might as well try it out. I am a ballet teacher and I needed my arm!I went to my first appointment and I found Dr. Shariff to be very educational and I got a sense that he took being a Chiropractor very seriously. I learned things about my body that I had never known. I have been a dancer for 41 years and I thought I knew my body very well. Dr. Shariff had proved me wrong! I am also very impatient and I thought I would be healed in two sessions.I went three times a week for six weeks, two times a week for 12 weeks and now I am going once a week This month I am graduating to once every two weeks. For a long time I would get better, but then feel I was getting worse again. Dr. Shariff explained to me that this is how the body heals. At first I did not believe him, but he further explained the periods of time of feeling better would get longer in between. He was right. In less than a year I was completely healthy. I was told by three different doctors that the issues I had would take up to two years to heal. My right shoulder was healed in less than six months, but that is only half of my story.In March 2009, l got a second injury. l went on a 48km bike ride and injured both my knees, hip flexors, tensor fasciae, abductors and my back. When I would get up in the morning, I was unable to walk and I would faint because the pain was so severe. My ESR was 50 (normal is between I and 12) and my CRP was 31 ( 1 is normal, and 3 is high risk level). l was taking 3 Athrotec 50 and two Tylenol 3 daily. I could barely walk from my car to Dr. Shariff’ s office.Getting in and out of bed was extremely painful. Just moving my legs in bed was hard to do. I felt like I was living a nightmare. I had never had an injury this bad before, and I was having a hard time dealing with the pain emotionally and physically. Dr. Shariff told me I could call and he would adjust me at any time. He would say “just come and sit in the chair”. I would come into his office in tears most days, because I was in so much pain.I love dancing and I have a passion for ballet; I felt like I was cut off from everything I loved and enjoyed. The next nine months was miserable, because I literally could not move. To crown it all I had a very abusive employer. I resigned from my position as an Artistic Director for that reason.During that time, Dr. Shariff was a pillar of support that went beyond call of duty. He constantly wrote me reference letters to explain to my employer how injured I was. In that time I went for bone scans, went to a rheumatologist, sport science doctor and a hematologist. The hematologist discovered I have an IgG kappa in my blood and for a period of time until further tests could be done there was a possibility I could have Multiple Myeloma combined with all the aches and pains I was experiencing. Through all this, Dr. Shariff kept me sane and I can truly say Dr. Shariff was the true healer.When he told me the first day I was in his clinic that he heals people as a whole, he really meant it. I was healed by him physically, emotionally and spiritually. Every adjustment was a 10 minute church session, psychiatric and physical healing. He was my strength for so many things when I was unable to keep myself upright.I have also been battling infertility, and being a ballet dancer made it challenging. I have finally decided to do an IVF in March 2010. Dr. Shariff has already worked out a whole treatment plan for me and had given me valuable advice and support. He is always interested in my life and how he can assist me in improving my quality of life. I wish all doctors could be like him. I can truly say I feel 100% better!I have learned a Chiropractor does not rip out your spine and then play xylophone on it. He has a very gentle way about him and I have learned to trust his work completely. I am forever grateful.Thank you Dr. Shariff

Laeititia Steyn ARAD

I write this testimony to express my ongoing treatment and wellness that I have received and continue to receive from Dr. Shariff and the staff of the above center. I am female and 54 years of age. I have a twin sister and we both were diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the hips a few years ago. We both have recently been recommended for hip replacement, and though some of our symptoms are similar, others are not. We both suffer from a lot of stiffness and soreness, though my twin suffers from much more pain and deterioration of the hip cartilage than I do. My twin has also been taking pain medication for several years, whereas I have not. I believe that the regular chiropractic treatment, massages and wellness advice received from Dr. Aly Shariff and staff, has made that difference of less hip pain for me.When I was evaluated and began my treatment in September 2006, I was experiencing extreme leg discomfort consisting of severe burning, achyness and some minor pain, in addition to having the start of severe osteoarthritis. The x-ray and computer image evaluation, taken by Dr. Shariff, showed misalignment in various parts of my spine.Following a treatment and assessment program outline by Dr. Shariff over the last three years, has led me to my much improved health and better well-being. Through the many adjustments and regular massages, along with advice on stretching exercises and supplements (ie Glucosamine/MSM), there has been much improvement to my overall well-being. The leg discomfort has disappeared, the spine is much more aligned and I have not suffered with the severe hip pain as my twin has.Overall, I believe this treatment, along with yoga and walking may have delayed the deterioration and pain related to my osteoarthritis, in comparison to what my twin has experienced.I appreciate and continue my treatment with further wellness from Dr. Shariff and staff at In Great Hands Chiropractic and Wellness Center.

Happy Client

About 4 years ago, I started having problems with my arms. The muscles in my arms would go into uncontrollable spasms and my hands would go into a claw-like state. There was so much pressure in my arms I couldn’t move them! Because of this condition, I was unable to drive, and no longer working. I went to several doctors, the Emergency Room, and had numerous tests and MRI’s done, and nobody could figure out what was causing this.I met Dr. Shariff at the Rib Fest down at the lake in Oshawa and he did a scan on my back, and told me that my spine was out of alignment. I started treatments with him about 2 years ago. I was being treated 3 times a week for the first 6 months, then twice a week for another 6 months, then graduated to once a week, and now once every 2 weeks.I no longer get spasms in my arms, and I can’t even remember when I had my last episode! I was able to get my driver’s license back, I’ve started driving, and I am now back working. With the help of Chiropractic therapy, my life has changed drastically.

Barb G.

I was very skeptical to go and see a Chiropractor and very fearful of the adjustments. I really hurt my back about 2 1/2 years ago and was unable to stand up straight or even sit down, any movement was extremely painful. With the advice of my husband I reluctantly went to see a Chiropractor. Dr Shariff was able to get me in quickly and was very through with his initial assessment and explain what he was going to do to help rectify the problem. I started Chiropractic care that day and have not stopped, my back is in great shape now. About 6 months ago I was speaking with Dr. Shariff during one of my sessions about my knee, I have osteoarthritis in my right knee and being an active person, the flare ups were happening all the time I was barely able to walk up the stairs after taking a short walk. I am only 33 year old I shouldn’t have that much pain and discomfort.Dr. Shariff started to adjust my knee and now I can jog on the treadmill, go for long walks, and play sports and the discomfort is gone. I was suppose to have knee surgery but thanks to the adjustments that looks like it will be a long way away. I would recommend Dr. Shariff’s services to anyone, he has helped me out a great deal and now I am able to live an active life virtually pain free.Thank you.

Erin McCann

Our names are Glen and Julia Chase and we met Dr. Shariff in July 2010 at Harbour Days at Whitby Marina. He spoke to us about chiropractic care and maintenance for the body. He did a scan on us both and it was then that we decided to go ahead and set up an appointment.My husband had been seeing a chiropractor himself for quite a few years, due to his own back problems and then one day, he just stopped going because he was feeling better. However, I was very skeptical because, I never believed in going to a chiropractor anyway.When I was 14 years old, I was involved in a car accident and as a result, the doctor’s diagnoses was a broken neck, paralyzed on my right side and a curvature spine, and through all that, my right leg ended up becoming 1/4″ shorter. As you see, I was laid up for a long time, and had to learn to walk and write again. After all that, I finished up by being in a body cast for over six months. The pain in my lower back was always there and I lived with that daily. Also, there was residual trauma to neck and left shoulder. So you understand that every day was never really a good one, but you just learn to cope and your body seems to adjust and accommodate itself, and you accept the way things are.In October 2010, Dr. Shariff started me on treatments of 3 times a week, then it went down to twice a week, then once a week, and now I am happy to say that it is now once every two weeks, and hopefully as time goes one I want it to be once a month.There was no one more surprised than me, that this man was able to help me. Honestly, I did not believe in any of this or any chiropractic care and trust me, I questioned everything that he did to me. I guess now is a good time to say, I am so sorry for being so hard on you, but I also want to say, thank you, Dr. Shariff, for putting up with me. You are the best, and I am so happy that we walked into your booth that day at the marina.Glen and I are feeling so much better because that continuous pain that was so severe is now very manageable and it is definitely due to your ways of working on your patients with conviction, because you care so much about what you do. I am truly grateful because as of now, we can also enjoy our retirement.Respectfully,Julia Chase

Julia Chase

Dear Dr. Aly:Thank you for keeping me out of my wheelchair. I only use it in crowds and moving about on uneven ground. When I came to you, I was just beginning to walk. Since then, I have slowly increased my mobility. I walk with a cane. That too, is not needed on flat ground.When I came to you, I was in lots of pain and had been that way for a few years. Your treatments put things back in place. My blood circulation increased measurably. Because my circulation was working better, my legs have become stronger. There is also the added pleasure of loss of weight and 5 inches off my hips.My life has become pleasurable again. Thanks again, Dr. Aly.Sincerely, Beverly Caldwell

Beverly Caldwell

Dr. Aly Shariff,Since I started seeing you a few months ago, I have been feeling 100% better. As you recall, I initially came to see you about my neck. During our first consultation, you stated that you thought you could help with my knee problems. My knee has moderately advanced osteoarthritis and I was taking four to ten Advil daily with little benefit except for some pain relief. The best pain relief I got was from wearing my large (expensive) “unloading” brace that I usually did not wear as I sit most of the time during the day at work, and it is NOT effective when sitting.Over the next several weeks, you adjusted my neck, back (which I expected) and knee (which I didn’t think was possible.) My neck responded quickly and over time I started noticing some knee changes. The boswellin you prescribed had a fast affect on the swelling, but the adjustments really did the trick. Six to eight weeks into treatment, I noticed that I could straighten my leg! I had really noticed that I couldn’t straighten it until I could. Several weeks passed and I wasn’t awaken in the night by pain when I moved in bed, and I was down to two Advil at night with the boswellin.As I have continued to see you, I have been able to stop using Advil altogether. My knee is almost PAIN FREE, and I can walk more comfortably. My biggest benefit had been the recovery time after I have done something to really strain my knee. Before, it would take a week or more to recover from overdoing it and I would limp. Stairs and hills were a nightmare. Now, the very next day, my knee will be a little tender, but that’s it! No limp or pain walking or doing stairs.I thought that I was doomed to live with this painful knee until I had surgery for a knee replacement. Now, I wonder if I’ll really need a new knee.Thanks for your wonderful care and encouragement.

June Gardner

For years, I had been suffering from what I thought was chronic pain in my neck. I had a neck X-ray that showed a deteriorating disk, and I thought that this pain was with me for all time. My ability to look over either shoulder was hampered and I was unable to take part in sports. This condition went on for close to five years. Because of this situation, and a change in my job, I began putting on weight. I had no incentive to exercise and began slipping into a sedentary lifestyle.On a visit to see my doctor on an unrelated condition, I mentioned again about my neck and he asked whether I might benefit from seeing a chiropractor. Lori Brooker’s name was mentioned and it was left at that. I began seriously thinking about their form of treatment, and all sorts of past comments from friends came up regarding chiropractors. Bone breakers, neck snappers and overly painful situations were brought up. It surely wasn’t promising future to look forward to.More than a year went by before I again had an opportunity to look at chiropractic care. A friend told me that they had excellent results and that I should think about it. I began seeing Lori Brooker and then her coworker Aly Shariff. Overall, and health wise, my life has taken a great step forward. I no longer have pain in my neck and with regular visits, began feeling better. Through the conversations with Lori and Aly, I regained some motivation. I began a program of walking at least 4 miles every other day. As part of this new-formed chiropractic care, I began eating healthier and cut back on alcohol consumption. I have lost enough weight that all allows me to look and feel better. With a job change, I am getting more exercise and feel great.I still regularly see Aly Shariff and plan on doing so for the foreseeable future. I sincerely recommend chiropractic care to anyone, it can only be a positive step to better health.

Rene Pigeau

For about the last six months, I have been going to Dr. Aly Shariff for chiropractic treatment. Prior to my first visit with Dr. Shariff, I had never even considered getting any type of chiropractic, massage, or other types of therapeutic care. Not being big on seeing any type of medical doctor or physiotherapists, I was quite surprised at the positive results he achieved in helping my well being. I had suffered terribly from numerous traumatic injuries over the past 20 years, and had gotten to the point of being almost incapacitation from pain and stiffness in injured joints. Also, my back and hip were really bothering me because of poor mechanics, balance and posture, due to favouring my crippled left leg.Since deciding to go to Dr. Shariff for care, it not only has improved my general health, but also my understanding of what exercises and other lifestyle direction, such as foods, vitamins, etc. might help me in my feeling better. Now I have more incentive and stamina to get done all the daily chores and responsibilities required to bring up my children. When a person has less pain, they are not quite as depressed and less inclined to any laxity to do things.I would like to thank Dr. Shariff for the improvement in me and I would never be hesitant to recommend him to anyone who may be looking for chiropractic treatments.

Richard Taylor

I originally went to the chiropractor because I was having some serious headaches, and nothing, absolutely nothing would make them go away. I tried yoga, reiki, stretching, Advil & Tylenol – And sure, they all took the pain away for a little while, but after an hour or two, my headaches would come back. I was referred to Family Chiropractic by my mother and a good friend of mine – both whose judgements I would swear by. So I decided to go.I was surprised when Irene told me we would be doing a scan of my back. (I guess I didn’t expect them to be so professional, or to have advanced technology.) By my third appointment, the headaches stopped. When Lori went away on her pregnancy leave, I was a little bit frightened when I learned I would have a new chiropractor. But once I met Aly, I immediately felt comfortable.My treatments continued on, and every time I felt something strange going on with my body, I would tell Aly about it and he would fix the problem. For example, I have always had stomach problems. I have been to the doctor, and I have had tests done, etc. But there are only two things that actually made me feel better. 1- Eating healthy and exercising and 2- When I told Aly about the problem, and he gave me an adjustment. I haven’t felt stomach pain since that adjustment.I would recommend a chiropractic visit to anyone. As a matter of fact, I gave my older sister a gift certificate for Christmas, and I got my Mom to come.Sincerely,Nicole Coururier

Nicole Coururier

Chiropractic Care and Chiropractic Cure!I used to be almost as skeptical as I was ignorant, about the value of chiropractic care. About a year ago, I began seeking regular chiropractic treatments. At that time, I was complaining of a sore back and neck – a condition that I’ve struggled with throughout my adult life, but more recently aggravated by bad posture in pregnancy and nursing. Regular adjustments seemed to be helping the soreness and tightness I had become so accustomed to living with. However, I not only started being adjusted, but also educated. I learned that a healthy spine would benefit me in many other ways. Indeed, I seem to be less prone to common colds than before.Unfortunately, I stopped seeking adjustments for a period of two months. It was not so much a conscious decision, but rather just a busy time when I neglected to make and keep my appointments. I realized that it was during that time, that problems began to reappear. I called the Family Chiropractic office in Squamish and made an appointment.On November 29, 2001, the day of my appointment, I called the office wishing to postpone because I was at home suffering from laryngitis. My voice was so bad, I could barely speak, or be understood, over the phone. The receptionist encouraged me to keep my appointment, claiming that an adjustment could help my laryngitis. I realized that some skepticism remained in me, as I was obviously still holding back onto the narrow-minded belief that I was seeing a chiropractor for my back and not – not for any other part of me. Dr. Aly Shariff adjusted me that day. Ten minutes after leaving the clinic, I suddenly realized that my voice had returned! I was so excited (and grateful) that I called and left a message for him.I had a revelation that day – one which caused a real shift in the way I perceive chiropractic care. Even though I had learned that the spine was connect to the healthy function of many parts of the body, I appreciate it even more now. More and more, I am turning to chiropractic care when I might have called the doctor in the past. I have also introduced my nineteen month old son to chiropractic care and I can tell you that another testimonial is in the making!Sincerely, Michele Roblin

Michele Roblin

Dr. Shariff has been treating me since September 18, 2001. To date, I have had 11 visits and continue to use his services. On my first visit, I was assessed by Dr. Shariff and he has progressively improved my neck mobility and general muscle tension in my back area. In particular, I was experiencing lower back spinal problems which now seem to be much improved.I have auto-immune hepatitis, and have been taking prednisone for fourteen years. The constant treatment of prednisone has resulted in my developing diabetes about a year ago. I have my diabetes under control with the use of injections, diet control and exercise.Dr. Shariff has indicated that keeping the muscles, nerves and alignment of my back will help keep my overall feeling of well-being. I look forward to continued progress as I continue treatment and consultation with Dr. Shariff.Sincerely, Lynne Goldsworthy

Lynne Goldsworthy

Ear Aches Be Gone:I work as a CDA in a local dental office and recently found myself in need of some chiropractic care. I was recommended to Dr. Lori Broker’s office, where I met Dr. Aly Shariff, who not only helped me with my sore, aching back, but educated me on how much chiropractics could, and does affect your overall health. I admit it made sense to me, but I, like many people, are rather skeptical about these things, as I have been conditioned to believe if you have a problem, you see your physician, who writes a prescription, and problem solved or resolved.Well, here is where I get my real lesson: a few weeks ago, I had an appointment to see Dr. Aly, but on my way to the appointment, I got a call from the daycare telling me that my 5 year old had a severe ear ache and could I please come and get him. Naturally, I did, but stopped by the chiropractic office to cancel my appointment on the way to the hospital to get yet another prescription for antibiotics, all the while thinking there goes the pumpkin carving and trick or treating for him.When I arrived to cancel the appointment with a lethargic and whimpering child on my shoulder, I jokingly asked Dr. Aly, “Hey, can you do anything about earaches?” Expecting a negative answer, I was surprised to hear him say bring him in and let me have a look. I brought him into the exam room where Aly had Spencer lay down on the table, did a few minor adjustments, massaged an area behind both his ears and literally within 5 minutes of arrival, Spencer was his old self, pretending to be Aly, who was now his hero for making his pain go away!! Needless to say, there was no need for antibiotics, and he carved his pumpkin that night and went trick or treating the next.Yup, I have to say that totally convinced me that chiropractic really works! Sincerely, Yvonne Raw

Yvonne Raw

Dear Dr. Aly,On my first visit to you, I was in so much pain in my left hip and down my left leg to my ankle, that I was unable to walk, sit or stand. I managed to get into the surgery using a brush shaft as a crutch and leaning on my wife. After 5 treatments, I can walk, sit and stand without pain – I just feel better every day. My wife is so impressed with the treatment that she is going to have some wellness treatment herself. She says it is like living with a new man. We cannot tell you how grateful we are. I am now back at work and being self-employed, that is very important. Yours sincerely, Stanley McBride

Stanley McBride

A Chara,As Sciatica is a totally new experience to me, I was totally shocked to find I had this complain. Having spent two weeks confined to bed, attending my own GP and receiving injections and medication I was still wrecked. Then, I heard of the great Dr. Aly. I attended his clinic and following his treatments (I never knew I was a contortionist) I couldn’t believe I had straightened up – no pain. As the weeks progressed, I improved greatly. I gained my sense of smell back, which I hadn’t had for years, and a gentle confidence back in myself.Life has improved greatly and hopefully this will continue.Many thanks to Dr. Aly for all your help and support. Wishing you continued support.

Kathleen O'Connor

I am visiting “Back to Health” since November 12th, 2000 for treatment of severe lower pain back, radiating into my right leg and foot, which started on November 12th, 2000 after sleeping in an extremely soft bed.Dr. Shariff, who is treating me from day one, achieved instant pain relief on the first day to an extent that I could walk again. With pain reducing, I recognized that I also suffered from numbness in my heel, right underside of my right foot, and three right smaller toes. His treatment (head and adjustment treatment), which was twice a week in the first month, improved my condition considerably.Towards the end of January, my improved condition allowed starting light exercises to help regaining strength. Treatment was reduced to once a week and now include ultrasound.My condition improved such that I am now most times pain free, with only the numbness described above remaining. The treatment and care received from Dr. Shariff of “Back to Health” was, and is outstanding. Many thanks for your help.Yours Sincerely, Manfred Schmarsel

Manfred Schmarsel

I didn’t know how much pain I was really in until I started seeing Dr. Shariff. He got me in and did a thermal spinal scan and x-rays of my back, I started to feel the results only days later and now look forward to my future visits with him.

Michael Gray

Iam so lucky I found Infinite Healing Chiropractic. …I have become pain free in less than 2 years. I would recommend this clinic to anyone who wants a better life.

Paul Bourgeois

I started going to Dr. Shariff several years ago as I was having shoulder problems plus plantars fasciitis. Dr Shariff was able to alleviate both of these problems plus any other symptoms that I have had issues with over the years. I look forward to my visits and he also gives excellent travel advice.

Allister Klodt

Dr. Shariff and staff are always there to help! I have been going to Infinite Healing for over 4 years and have noticed a difference in pain levels for sure.

Janna Kula-Gauvin

I was a patient of the clinic since 2012 and can definitely say my quality of life has improved. From improved shoulder movement to my psoriasis gone , Dr Aly Shariff’s chiropractic care, and Maureen Mishra’s acupuncture has gotten me through it all.

Ashwani L. Chand

Dr. Shariff conducts excellent chiropractic adjustments and keeps my hips from failing me. He’s also humorous, positive, and seems to really care about his clients. Regular chiropractic adjustments appear to be integral to my overall good health.

Judy Burley

I have been a patient at Infinite Healing for about 4 years, and I would recommend this clinic to anyone. The staff are always extremely friendly and willing to help.

Maegan Mackin

Chiropractic care has helped me immensely. My lower back was in so much pain after having my second child and Carrying that car seat everywhere
My biggest moment was when I was driving and I turned my head to look at my blind spot I then realized how easily and far it turned. I’m very grateful to Dr Shariff.

Ashley Carlson

I was definitely a skeptic when my Wife first suggested I visit a chiropractor for my neck pain. After just a few visits my neck pain was almost totally gone and I had regained the full use of my neck. Thank you Dr Shariff!

Matt Sides

I recommend Dr. Sharif to everyone I know. He has helped me with my back problems. I notice that because of him I’m standing straighter and I have more confidence. He answers my questions in a way that I would understand and is thorough with his assessments.

Sandy VanSchyndel

I just started going in early February 2016 and I already notice good changes. My wife got me in to see Dr. Shariff. I find the staff and Dr.Shariff are very friendly and welcoming. I would definitely recommend this Chiropractic care to people I know.

Carrie Ann Macklin Becker

A friend recommended that I see Dr. Sharif after a simple bend left me unable to straightened up and walking painfully with a cane. Thankfully, I took her advice and, within just a couple of weeks, I was able to put away the cane. That was several years ago and with regular chiropractic care I have not needed a cane since. I would highly recommend Dr. Shariff and his outstanding staff at Infinite Healing to anyone with health issues- the thorough, informative, caring approach to wellness is bound to make a positive difference in your overall health!

Lynn Odynski

Been with Infinite Healing for 9 years now. Service has always been great and have helped me through my lower back and foot issue that brought me here. Now I am on a maintenance schedule to help ensure good health and pain free living! Thanks

Shawn Cummings

I am thoroughly satisfied with the improvement in my health during my treatments at the clinic. My quality of life has improved and my pain has lessened significantly. There’s always a smiling face at the front desk! It’s a great place to get treatment!

Tammy Lynn Becker

Dr. Shariff and his team at this clinic are always very welcoming and helpful toward their clients as they follow their path to overall wellness. I have had persistent back and neck pain as a result of past car accidents and Dr. Shariff has been able to alleviate that pain significantly, such that I can sleep better at night. I appreciate your entire team’s efforts in getting me to a healthier place! You guys rock.

Gabriela Fabienne

I ‘ve been a patient of the clinic for the past 6 years and can definitely say my quality of life has improved. From numbness in my arms to do work, to running injuries, and pregnancy woes, Dr Aly Shariff’s chiropractic care, and Maureen Mishra’s acupuncture has gotten me through it all. All of my daughter’s, ages 10, 8 and 6 months also see Dr Shariff for regular adjustments, and I believe because of this they are able to cope with sickness, growing pains and teething much better.

Melissa Morrison

I ‘ve been a patient for just over a year and I suffered in the past with headaches/migraines 3-4 times a month. Over this past year, I haven’t had the headaches, just the occasional migraine that is weather related. Before adjustments, I couldn’t turn my head to check blind spots while driving and now it’s no problem. The staff is friendly and professional and Dr. Shariff answers all your questions and helps with your concerns. I highly recommend this clinic.

Susan Gooding-Zerf

I ‘ve been a client of Dr. Shariff’s now for over 5 years. I had been plagued with poor knees since I was in my teens. I couldn’t squat down without getting back up with intense pain beneath my kneecaps. Following the results of my yearly scan, he was able to “adjust”away the chronic pain in my knees! Being a Mom now makes my mobility super important! Regular adjustments helps me be a more productive Mom and helps me manage my work related aches and pains! I couldn’t imagine my life without the REAL benefits of chiropractic care. Dr. Shariff has always listened to my concerns and has always been an positive and approachable practitioner!

Tammy Thibodeau

I’ve been a patient for couple years now and this place is great 10/10 love the environment it is so welcoming from all staff and every time I’m there I’m always talking hockey even if there is no hockey going on there’s always something to talk about. All I can say is I made the right choice when I found them at ribfest in bowmanville.

Brendan Melnychuk

I met Dr. Sharif in 2014. He asked me where do I feel my pain? I told him I have very bad neck pain and my back. He showed me in a x-ray that I very bad degenerating disc, that explains my intense neck pain. I’ve been seeing Dr. Sharif ever since, I was taking a very high amount of pain pills and that has decreased by more then half. The Dr. explains everything he does to you, makes you feel like family… Dr. Sharif and his wife are a great team. I would recommend ANYONE that has back, neck, even migraines. This has helped me spend quality time with my son, that is the greatest reward he and his practice has done for me and may others…

Gabrielle Chard

I ‘ve been going to see Dr. Shariff and his team since meeting them at the home show in spring of 2015. My main concerns were my neck and upper back area and through a serious of tests such as X-rays and a thermal scan, I was able to see the problem causing the pain. Dr. Shariff put together a plan to help correct things and get me back on the road to recovery. Today I am pain free, have more energy, sleep better and above all feel great compared to only one year ago thanks to Dr. Shariff!

Terri Lucas

I have been a client of Dr. Shariff’s for many years – I consider him a professional and friend. An awesome chiropractor who has provided more than chiro – truly always looking at health and wellness. His wife, Maureen, an Acupuncturist is amazing as well. It is a full circle wellness centre filled with knowledge and care of client and always looking forward …. I am a loyal and committed client of Infinite Healing Chiro and Wellness Centre – I would encourage everyone to seek the services of Dr. Shariff, Maureen and their entire staff!!!

Debbi Hotaling Guislain

My time at infinite healing has been nothing but a blessing on my body, the pains I had when I started are all gone now thanks to the chiropractic care. When i go for my appointments i enter such a kind welcoming environment; it kinda feels like a home away from home at times. All in all I recommend infinite healing to any one who experiences pains in their body; it is a changing experience for the better and surely will not disappoint.

Darius Samuels

I have been a patient with the Infinite Healing Clinic for 7 years. Through Dr.Shariff’s chiropractic care, my overall wellness has improved. Dr.Shariff was able to focus on an ankle and overall alignment issues and with regular maintenance visits, I was able to resume running with little pain and my sleeping patterns and overall body aches improved. I was also introduced to the Ideal Protein program, Maureen has been coaching me for almost 9 months focusing on helping me reaching my goal weight and teaching me how to make better food choices. I was able to reach my goal weight in a little over 6 months and have been on maintenance ever since. Both Dr. Shariff, Maureen and staff have all provided a positive environment to address all my wellness concerns.

Jeffery Raine

They have helped me with my knee pain, back and shoulders, I no longer take anti inflammatory meds and I can’t say enough about the Ideal Protein Diet. I am down 55 lbs and feel better then ever. As a result of working with the staff on my issues I have reduced my diabetic meds from 150 units a night to zero, 30 units with each meal to none and 4 tablets down to one per day. With their help I plane on being med free. Thank you to all the staff.

Andrew Lawson

I have been seeing Dr. Shariff since 2005 shortly after a serious accident. My family doctor and specialist had said I would feel back pain for the rest of my life and I would never be able to lift my toddler without discomfort. I experienced the majority of my pain during simple and sudden body movements (ie. bending and lifting). On my first visit to the office, Dr. Shariff took the time to explain his findings from the initial X-rays and scan. He explained how the chiropractic adjustments would take place specifically for my injury and described the benefits, I should see over time. Within less then a month, I was sleeping better, and the adjustments were providing positive outcomes to strengthen my spine and promoted daily activities with no pain. Prior to seeing Dr. Shariff, I was extremely cautious for any movement past walking and now I do not have the fears of having restriction for any activities.

Jacqueline Trimble-Raine

To be honest I’m not really sure how long I’ve been seeing Dr. Shariff! I think about 8-10 years now! It’s not really something I think about cause as long as I feel better that’s all I think about! I was a huge skeptic like a lot of people and left him as my last option in healing instead of going to him first. I had a very bad accident (as a pedestrian) being hit by a car and suffered from severe migraines, neck, shoulder, and back pain and I’d say some depression that came along with being in pain 24/7. Within seeing him for the first couple of weeks things started feeling better, I was able to start interacting more with my children, able to move better, and sleep was so much better, I can even go on roller coasters again he doesn’t approve but he always fixes me after my crazy days!! He has not only been a healer to me but a friend to me and my kids as well. He and his staff cares and that is something very hard to come by in the medical field these days.I probably don’t say it enough but thank you for you do!

Charlene Shaw- Christensen

I ‘ve been seeing Dr. Aly Shariff now for 10+ years. Whether I’ve had minor aches and pains from daily activities and/or illness, or more intense pains from sporting activities or stress, Dr. Aly Shariff has been able to help me get back on track, heal properly, and feel better. When it comes to those issues that require more than just chiropractic care, he’ll make recommendations to you, and put you in touch with those that can help you out even more along the path wellness and healing. He’s also there for you when you’re not in any pain, and it’s all about maintenance and staying on track. He changed my outlook on chiropractors and chiropractic care early on, and opened my eyes to alternative options on getting oneself better and staying healthy. Thank you! Dr. Aly Shariff and his team are very polite and willing to work with you. They’re supportive and understanding and understanding too. Thank you again!

Michael Capp

If you are looking for leg, hip, knee, shoulder, neck…back pain relief, look no further! Dr. Shariff and his team are caring, courteous, professional and above all knowledgeable.
I have been a patient of Dr. Shariff’s for about 10 years. Initially, I came to him with pain in my hip and knee. He treated those areas and in no time, gave me relief from the pain. I have learned more about my body and how important it is for the body to be structurally balanced. I continue to see him for sports injury-related issues or simply to maintain my current level of health. What a difference it makes to have a health professional on your side!

Yma Frison

I honestly can’t recall if I’ve done a review for the Clinic and it’s amazing team yet, however, I do know that time and time again, they have honestly been my saviour. I have been for Chrio, for regular care and to help with various injuries though the year, ankle, neck, back and shoulder. I have also been for acupuncture which has helped with my back and neck, as well as migraines and stress. I was unsure in the beginning, however, now it is my most cherished appointment in a week. I also go for massage, which leaves me feeling fantastic. I love this team of people so much and they have helped me in so many ways, now that I’m feeling better after my car accident in Dec, I am starting on Ideal Protein… stay tuned folks… Ima wrock it with their help!

Melly Mel

Thank you Dr. Shariff! My husband Gary had a very hard fall on icy cement stairs & could hardly walk. He had shoots of pain in his hip & needed a cain to walk. He wouldn’t go to the hospital because the thought of waiting for hours wasn’t bearable & frankly from past experience he wouldn’t waste his time. He asked to see Dr. Shariff instead, as we know he would find the time to see us & the environment is much more welcoming . We have been patients of his for 4 years now, he is a great Chiropractor. He took an X-ray earlier today & let us know right away that nothing was broken. He even showed my husband where the missalignment was & he gave him an adjustment to fix it. With another follow up appointment he will be back to himself. I’m sure the treatments we received previously from Dr. Shariff helped keep my husband from a worse outcome. With chiropractic we know he will recover faster as well, all without medication too! I also receive acupuncture with Maureen to strengthen my immune system & in my work space, out of 6 people, I am the only one who didn’t get the flue this month! I also receive massage from Kristine & Diana with excellent results. With my bones, muscles & nervous systems working at their best I can be at my optimum health for a quality life experience. I highly recommend Dr. Shariff (chiropractor), Maureen (acupuncturist), Kristine (massage), Diana (massage) & the helpful front office staff too! My gratitude for all the people at Infinite Healing who truly care.

Pamella O'Brien

I was skeptical about trying chiropractic treatments for my back but pleasantly surprised when Dr. Shariff spent over an hour discussing my issues, examining me, doing a spinal scan and x-rays. He went over my results and created a custom treatment plan that would be safe and effective for my specific condition. I’ve waited a long time to write this review so I could be as honest as possible but I can now say that the adjustments I receive at Infinite Healing Chiropractic have completely solved my back problems – something that years of doctor visits, exercises and pain killers couldn’t do. I would highly recommend giving the clinic a try. The staff is amazing, the clinic is beautiful, and the care is catered to your individual needs. Most importantly, the results are real!

Chris Newald

Before I started going to infinite healing I got into a huge accident where I damaged my brain and spine I had experienced cognitive decay and head aches until I came here after my first month my back stopped hurting the head aches went away and I can actually understand math at the level I used too again I would recommend coming here for any one and everyone.

Drew Bureau

I have been a patient at this clinic since December 2013, and have nothing but excellent care from Dr. Aly Shariff the Chiropractor, Jeanne Yee former Massage therapist to the current RMT Kristine Pager, to Maureen Mishra the Acupuncturist. I suffered from shoulder pain which had since become much more manageable since starting my care with Dr. Shariff and the help with Jeanne and now Kristine and extreme vertigo where I now have not had an episode since Sept of 2014 with the help of the care from Maureen. Excellent from desk staff, the whole clinic has a great family atmosphere. I would recommend anyone in my family or friends to the clinic.

Alicia Bourgeois

I’ve been a patient of Dr Shariff since 2010. Originally seeking help for pain and numbness in my forearms (work related), which hasn’t been a problem since, Dr Shariff and Maureen Mishra (acupuncture) have since helped me through running injuries, a pregnancy and everyday wear and tear. I highly recommend the clinic for anyone who wishes to improve their quality of life. My three daughters also see Dr Shariff for regular adjustments, and I believe that is what helps them bounce back quickly from colds, flu, digestive issues and even teething. The desk staff is wonderful, always friendly and accommodating:) Two thumbs up!

Melissa Watson

I have been with Infinite Healing Chiropractic for over 4 years. Dr. Shariff and his staff are OUTSTANDING. Their motivation and dedication to self body healing, wellness and education to patients is commendable. They take the time with you , explain , make you feel comfortable and put a plan together. As a patient, Dr. Shariff and his staff are always there to accommodate my schedule which is a sign of understanding I am the customer. Dr. Shariif and his staff have taken myself from a previous reliance on medications for pain to NO medications at all and to me that says it ALL ! Dr. Sharrif and his staff have also helped and care for 3 of my family members.

Reg Bernard

I first found this team in 2013. I was raised to be skeptical of chiropractic, acupuncture and the like, but gave it a chance, as I was in very rough shape. I was in constant pain from an old back injury that only got worse as years went by. I would take pain meds every day, strong meds that only dulled my pain. I hurt all over. Starting with chiro, I came in nervous and unsure, but I was welcomed. The support staff, and Dr. Shariff made me feel comfortable about seeking this treatment. It was obvious from the start, they all wanted me to feel better. I wasn’t just treated, I was listened to, and I was taught, given knowledge so I could express myself and actively seek relief and wellness. Adding in massage therapy and acupuncture, I have seen my overall health improve, and I feel more balanced. I have more energy generally, and can deal with life’s stresses much better. The best bonus is not having to rely on pain relief meds as I used to. I barely take any at all now. 🙂 Having moved to their current location a while ago, Infinite Healing has several avenues of care and wellness: chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, orthotics assessments, and even a nutritional advice. It all works together. Learning how chiro and acupuncture etc. works to help the body, it really does make sense, and they all readily and gladly share their knowledge. I would encourage anyone to come. Even if you haven’t suffered an injury, everyday life can take its toll, so let them help you take care of yourself! 🙂

Sally Spencer

I have had the pleasure of being a patient of Dr Shariff for almost 2 years. He is very personable and committed to helping me regain my health. I find all the staff to be very helpful. They go out of their way to book appointments that work with my schedule and I am very thankful for that. When I went for the initial assessments he was very thorough doing a detailed physical, X-Rays and a scan. Then we went over his results and came up with a treatment plan. It had taken me many years of not taking care of my back to get me to this point and it wasn’t something that was going to be “Fixed” with just a couple of treatments.. I knew I was just as responsible for my care as Dr Shariff and had to make sure I did my exercises too. Early in my course of treatment I attended the clinic for his small group information session which was extremely informative. It’s a great opportunity to ask questions and listen to others in a friendly environment. Thanks to Dr Shariff, I am now able to be more active and enjoy playing racquet sports again which I hadn’t been able to play for a number of years. If I happen to overdo things, my recovery time is a fraction of what it used to be prior to treatments. I wish I’d found ‘Infinite Healing’ sooner. Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage and Health information sessions in one location. One stop shopping. What more could you ask for.

Sue Stevens

I have not been seeing Dr. Shariff for very long, but in the last month that I have been seeing him, he has helped me immensely. I used to wake up every morning with a headache that would sometimes pass but would mostly get worse as the day went by. Within a week of seeing Dr. Shariff, I was waking up without headaches. I still do get migraines from time to time but when I get them, I see Dr. Shariff and he works his magic & they go away almost instantly. I have recommended this clinic to many of my friends and family and will continue to do so in the future.

Sherri-Lynn Moores

My experience here is very educational. There were things wrong with my alignment that I never knew would lead to such problems. Since meeting with Dr. Shariff, I feel better doing my day to day duties with comfort. Anyone seeking chiropractic care should definitely see Dr. Shariff at his clinic. There is so much to learn and understand about you body that he will teach you about.

Chad Morgan

I have been a patient of Dr. Shariff for several years now. Originally I came to him in rough shape after an old arm and neck injury that hadn’t healed properly exploded in pain one day after picking up a tea kettle. Chiropractic allowed me to deal with the original injury and was a lot more effective than treating the pain with copious amounts of medication. A few years into care I started working at the clinic as a receptionist and now I help other people find similar results with natural healing methods. Our practitioners are excellent at what they do and they are dedicated to helping our patients improve their lives and overall wellness. I have personally received Acupuncture treatments with Maureen Mishra, the occasional massage with various practitioners, and I also recently started taking advantage of the excellent weight loss program we run at the clinic. My dad has lost over 100 pounds on the program and I’ve personally seen the great results other patients are having on this program.

Britney O'Brien

For those that think chiropractors are a waste of time I will tell you a short story. I have be going to Dr.Shariff for about 4 years. I started there with pain in my back that made me think of saying goodbye cruel word. I was tacking 10 pain pills a day for about 10 years. After a few visits the medication started to reduce. As of to-day I take none. I have been pill free for about 1 year. I also go to acupuncture which is helping with a pinched nerve (sciatic) Fore pain or just to stay healthy try him or her.

Soren Gordon

I started seeing Dr. Sharriff about 4 years ago. I had been seeing another chiropractor for 3 years and had absolutely no relief from my back pain. I saw Dr. Sharriff at a local event and saw what he was offering at his clinic. I booked a consultation and started seeing him as he had advised for my chiropractic plan. Within 12 weeks I had absolutely NO BACK PAIN!! I got my husband to start seeing him as well. My husband was extremely skeptical about chiropractors and now he has NO BACK PAIN EITHER!! I also was in a car accident last year and had severe nerve pain in my leg. I saw Maureen and she did accupuncture on that leg. After the first treatment the pain subsided considerably. After the second treatment the nerve pain was completely gone. I was totally amazed!!!! I now continue on with treatments on a regular basis and feel wonderful!!!!!!!!

Sandra Hayes

I have been a patient for a few years. I have always found the clinic to be very Professional, friendly. experienced staff. Each treatment is customized to your needs at that particular time. Dr. Shariff strives to educate his patients, which I find very helpful in understanding what is going on , and why . I use both the Chiropractic , and Acupuncture Departments. I strongly feel this clinic gives the Very Best in Natural Health Care.

Allan King

I have been going to see Dr Shariff for about 7 years now, the initial visit was due to a tail bone injury and hip pain. I have no hip pain and I visit weekly for “maintenance”. I began seeing Maureen for acupuncture about 18 months ago, something I never thought I would do due to my fear of needles. Now I love my acupuncture appointments and hate it when I have to miss one due to my work traveling schedule. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone that needs the services of chiropractic, acupuncture, massage or weight loss. The staff are all fantastic and very accommodating.

Di Bennett

I came to Infinite Healing almost 2 years ago and cannot believe I waited so long to feel so great. I had been living with back issues (specifically lower back) for years that I had become accustomed to and had no idea what I SHOULD feel like on a day to day basis. I was also very hesitant to go for chiropractic care because I didn’t really understand how it worked. Dr. Shariff explained everything thoroughly and made sure I was completely comfortable before starting any treatments. The Health Talks that are available at the clinic are extremely informative and eye opening. I started out with adjustments 3 times a week as well as acupuncture once a week and it completely changed everything, especially how I felt during daily activities. I began to notice when something didn’t feel right, and realized that I was in a constant state of pain for many years and was actually not in tune with my own body. Acupuncture has also been amazing and a great time to focus on relaxing in my busy schedule while I am getting my treatment. I love that at the beginning of the appointments Maureen goes through details of how you are feeling, what has happened since the last appointment etc. to really get an understanding of what needs focus for that treatment. I never feel like it is a cookie cutter appointment and always feel like I am getting the best treatment for what I need at that time and also as an overall ‘feel great’ tool. Maureen is so knowledgeable and I always feel comfortable with questions about treatment as well as lifestyle questions. Acupuncture has helped with everything from sleep to digestion to headaches. I am now happy to say I am on a maintenance schedule and am in for treatments to keep my body feeling great instead of getting me on track from where I was when I started. The only thing I can say that I miss from when I started treatments 2 years ago is being able to see the Infinite Healing staff so often! The staff is so friendly and feel like family. They really take time to work with you and to answer all your questions or concerns. I cannot thank everyone at the clinic enough for their care and the results I have received, my quality of life has never been better! I now understand the true meaning of overall wellness and truly value the care and expertise of my Acupuncture and Chiropractic gurus at Infinite Healing.

Kerstin Irwin-Foster

Infinite Healing is a friendly and professional office. I currently see Dr. Shariff twice a week after a car accident three years ago. I also just started massage therapy and acupuncture treatments at Infinite Healing. They also provided me with orthotics. My appointments are always on schedule and they send helpful reminder emails for upcoming appointments. I would highly recommend Infinite Healing in Oshawa to anyone who is considering chiropractic, acupuncture or massage therapy.

Rob Latimer

For years, I suffered from lower back pain – especially when would I sat or stand for long periods of time. This was a problem for me because I work in an office where I spend a good part of the day seated at a desk. After I started getting adjustments from Dr. Shariff, the pain disappeared. I wish I had known about chiropractic adjustments sooner.

Alison David

I went in as a sceptic and now, after over a year of treatment my back pain is gone. I am now receiving one treatment every 2 weeks instead of twice a week as my original treatment required. I love the fact that Dr. Shariff listens to my concerns and targets any problem areas I may have. He has helped with the healing process after my knee surgery as well.

Judy Millar

I have been a patient at the clinic for a number of years and have taken advantage of most of their services – chiropractic, massage, acupuncture and orthotics. The service has always been excellent and has continually exceeded my expectations. What I really appreciate is their whole body approach to wellness. They really take the time to listen to whatever health issue I might have, and provide suggestions/solutions on how to deal with it. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone looking for a greater sense of wellness and health.

Susan Kurtz

Before visiting the clinic I suffered constant back pain especially when getting out of bed in the morning and after sitting for long periods of time. I have been a patient of the clinic for over two years and am happy to say I have no problems in the morning and I can sit driving for long periods of time. My overall health has improved. We cannot forget the support staff they are efficient and very accommodating.

Paula Lampitt

For many years I suffered from chronic lower back pain and pain and stiffness in my neck which would lead to awful migraines. This had caused a severe degradation in my health and nothing was working to stop this decline. But now I am half way through my treatment from Dr. Sheriff and I have never felt better! I even began their Ideal Protein Program with Maureen Mishra and Britney O’Brien and I have lost a significant amount of wait. All in the past few months. I feel great and the staff at this clinic are motivational and caring for all of their patients.

Julie-Ann Rozel

I started going here a few years ago when hip pain was interfering with my work. The difference it has made has been incredible, I wish I had found them sooner! Everyone on staff is great, the ladies at the front desk are especially delightful and I always look forward to seeing them. They have a very efficient system with little to no wait times and the best hours for when I work long days, plus they don’t mind if I don’t get a chance to shower after work. If I am ever unable to make an appointment they are always very understanding and find a time that works for me.

Brianna Nydam

Wonderful experience and continuing care. Excellent staff and I’m in good chiropractic hands. My steady crippling back pain has been eliminated and if I ever tweak it, my back recovers very quickly, this is in stark contrast prior to me receiving chiropractic treatment. Dr. is first class and shows compassion and care for me and all his patients.

Chris Smeets

I give Infinite Healing and Wellness Centre (Oshawa) 5 stars. Dr. Shariff has the equipment and the knowledge to help get his clients back on the road to recovery. Between the exceptional customer service and the fact that he cares deeply about the people who walk through his doors gives him an edge above the rest.

Wayne Spencer

I started seeing Dr, Shariff in November 2015. I was a sceptic at first but decided to give it a try. I can honestly say, I feel great because of him! I no longer suffer from lower back pain and he is my go-to guy for headaches and dizziness relief, as I suffer from both quite regularly. He is a miracle worker!

Wendy Gray

I’ve been a patient for almost 11 years. Dr Shariff and staff provide educational, accommodating and friendly professional care. They provide education as a priority to all clients that are assessed there. Which I feel, as a medical professional RN, is the number one service you can provide to your health care patients. To help ensure that patients can take full control and have an understanding of their own health care needs. As well, the staff will work with you as your health care needs change by accommodating you if you need more services or emergency care. As well, you can change your appointment on short notice without any hassle or extra charge (Which I have done numerous times). I always recommend this clinic to all my family, friends and co-workers.

Andrea Lawson

I am a patient of Dr. Shariff since late February. When I first came to him , I admit to being skeptical. I have been having back pain, leg pain and neck pain for as low ng as I can remember. I had tried muscle relaxers, heat, cold…Dr Ho…nothing helped! Within two weeks of coming to Dr. Shariff , I was pain free!!! It feels wonderful! Would I recommend him to others?? Most certainly yes! The clinic is well run by the girls at the front desk! They are very friendly and super helpful!

Marilyn Blake

I highly recommend this clinic! I have been seeing Dr. Shariff since September 2016. I started treatment for lower back and shoulder pain that I have been experiencing for several years. Since I started, the pain has decreased drastically. I can definitely say my overall health has improved!

Nicole Taylor

I had years of headaches and back pain that most likely resulted from incredibly bad posture, but because of Dr. Shariff’s adjustments, I have fewer headaches and less back pain. I am also now aware of posture that feels wrong and that can lead to problems, and posture that feels right. This means that I’m able to go to Dr. Shariff to correct problems that still arise, but I am able to prevent creating new problems due to my better posture. I don’t think this would have happened without his holistic approach to my health. I would recommend Dr. Shariff as a chiropractor.

Laura Hulaj-Campbell

Ever since I showed up to Dr. Shariff’s door my realization of how important having a healthy and comfortable life grew exponentially. I had developed a partnership within these walls to better myself and make the most out of the years I have ahead. The commitment I see, further builds on the trust I have with Dr. Shariff’s team. Both chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture, show small steady changes into my body being as efficient as it can be. I see a brighter future for myself by keeping this practice common in my life.

Dominic Loizos

Excellent place to go great people that actually care about your wellbeing and function! Dr shariff makes it a routine to follow and it works! I was almost going to quit baseball because my back was so bad I couldn’t even run anymore without pain! But after seeing him I am back to playing 3 times a week with little or no discomfort! I also suffer from vertigo/menears disease and I was a big sceptic of acupuncture but I had an episode in the office and Maureen the acupuncture specialist sat me in her office and did a procedure on me and made my symptoms dissipate! I see her regularly now and haven’t had an episode in a year! Thank you so much! For every thing!

Chad Hagstrom

Infinite healing chiropractic and wellness clinic. The name says it all. I came into this clinic on a recommendation. Honestly not expecting much. I figured this was just going to be another chiropractic clinic, get adjusted and be on my way. Essentially that did happen. However, when I went on my way, I left educated, developed friends and met some of the best most genuine and honestly down to earth people I’ve ever trusted with my personal health. Dr. Shariff and all of the staff that work and care for you make it feel like coming to visit friends who want to help you become a healthier person. This clinic is by far is THE MOST EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT practice you will ever visit! No joke. Need and adjustment come see Dr. Shariff. Want to be educated in Chinese medicine Explain acupuncture and what is going on with your body? Maureen is the best. Need a massage? They do that too. Sherri-lynn will greet you at the door and it only.gets better from there. This turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Thank you.

Phil M

Infinite healing Chiropractic and Wellness Centre has been a true blessing to me. After having a car accident and suffering whiplash and low back issues, Dr. Shariff and his staff have been an tremendous help. They genuinely care about their patients, and it shows in everything they do, starting by how you’re greeting to the time you leave. Due to the nature of my injuries I utilize not only Dr. Shariff’s chiropractic services, I also see Maureen for Acupuncture which is a tremendous help in pain and stress relief as well as Maybel for the BEST massages. I also started taking my 7 year daughter there as she has significant growth spurts and use to suffer with a lot ear infections which this has help relieve. She was a bit nervous at first, as any child would be going to the doctors, but now she greets Dr. Shariff with a “Yo – what’s up!” and looks forward to her visits. He even takes the time to do an adjustment on her “stuffed toys” when they “had a rough day”! lol The whole staff truly is so very caring and absolutely genuine when it comes to wanting you to be at your optimal health. I can honestly say, I highly recommend this clinic.

Melanie G

My family and I have been patients of Dr. Shariff’s for several years and are thrilled with the care we receive. The staff are all very friendly and accommodating. Dr. Shariff has cared for me throughout 2 pregnancies and is extremely knowledgeable with pre/post-natal care. He truly cares about his patients and I would highly recommend this practice!!!!

Melanie Dell Melanie Dell

I came into Infinite Healing in alot of pain and unable to stand up straight. Before even making any adjustments Dr Shariff took the time to do a complete exam and assessment. After only a few adjustments I felt better was standing straight again and able to sit without pain. His beside manner is fantastic and the ladies at the front desk are amazing. Highly recommend this office.

Heather Green

Skeptical in the beginning due to previous chiropractic practices. Quickly eased my skepticism with open conversation, follow up and commitment. Office staff friendly, accommodating and take the Patient experience above and beyond. Well Done Dr. Shariff and Team!!

Christine Morton

I have been coming here for the past couple months now and have seen an immense improvement in my back and neck pain. What used to bother me everyday is now barely noticeable! I have also started the Ideal Protein program here and have seen great results. This is a place I would recommend to everybody.

nooreen warring

I go to Infinite Healing for chiropractic care with Dr. Shariff, and acupuncture with his wife Maureen as well. I can’t tell you how much better I feel. I have had acupuncture before but not with someone who studied Chinese medicine like Maureen has, and let me tell you, there is no comparison. If you want to try acupuncture and want actual results, you should make sure they have proper training, rather than someone who took some weekend course. I have also been to chiropractors before too, but they didn’t believe in the healing power of the body the way Dr. Shariff does, which is one reason I keep going back. It is a very friendly atmosphere and I would recommend it to anyone.

Angie M

Highly recommend Infinite Healing. I’ve been going for regular acupuncture treatments and chiropractic care for a couple of years now, for digestive issues and sleep. Knowledge is power, and the education and knowledge I’ve received from everyone here has been fantastic and so helpful in my healing journey.

Sarah Groslouis

Dr. Shariff had helped everyone in my family already, so I had complete confidence in his ability to help me! He genuinely cares about all his patients and goes beyond just being a doctor who is treating you. I am truly thankful for his expertise in chiropractic and wellness, and he has totally helped to improve my general overall health as well as the problem I came to him for specifically! The girls in the office are absolute sweethearts and very professional in the scheduling and running of the office. It is a pleasure to go, and really a positive experience!

Deb Loney

This practice is fantastic! They truly care about you and your health. I’m always greeted by name, and made to feel 100% welcome. Dr. Shariff and his team make educating you about your treatment a top priority, and will work with you to help you optimize your treatment. Appointments are almost always fast (you rarely have to set aside more than 15 minutes), and they are incredibly flexible should your schedule change.

Jennifer Berry

Infinite healing is a great place to receive the help and healing that you are looking for. The staff is very friendly and accommodating and they do everything they can to help you feel your best. I have been getting chiropractic adjustments for 4 years and i have never felt better. Without regular adjustments, I wouldn’t be able to work or even take care of my child because of the immense pain I was in. Dr. Sheriff is amazing and I couldn’t ask for a better chiropractor!

Xtina L